RX140SAT Crawler


The RX140SAT is a satellite crawler with feed unit for a push rod designed for the inspection of pipe branches.
  • Powerful six-wheel drive (steerable)
  • Powerful feed unit for the push rod
  • Snap-in system for easy mounting of the push rod
  • Integrated rear view camera
  • Optional auxiliary light
  • Compatible with the SAT cable reel RXSAT150 and the cable reels RAX500 and RAX300
  • Rovion Sat Crawler

    RAXSAT150 SAT Cable Reel

    SAT CABLE REEL UP TO Ø 150 MM – 600 MM

    The ROVION pipeline inspection system is equipped with an automatic cable reel, with an extremely robust camera cable of 150 m length and a 30 m anti-kink push rod. In combination with the satellite crawler RX140SAT this cable reel enables the inspection of pipe branches.
  • 150 m extremely robust camera cable +30 m anti-kink push rod
  • Meter counter
  • Winding support
  • Rovion Sat Cable Reel