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Power CUTTER 200

The highly versatile milling robot, way ahead of its time

This robot has functional design with no supply lines to the apparatus; the endless circles of the robot’s arm are without end stop. In addition, the PC 200 visualises the arm position and has a CAN-Bus control.

  • No external supply lines on robot
  • Sensor monitoring
  • Remote maintenance module
  • Speed control
  • Proportional control with saving of milling position and arm setting.
  • Main camera can be modified to front camera.
  • Zero position of all moved axes (reset button)

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Feature Overview

Screw connections for strain release

Power Cutter 200 connection
Connection possibility
for additional components
Power Cutter 200 rear camera
Rear Camera
  • CCD camera
  • High-resolution wide-angle lens
  • LED lighting
  • Pressurised
  • Power Cutter 200 carriage
  • Streamlined design
  • Powerful carriage drive
  • Integrated hydraulic device to raise the arm and swivel the milling tool
  • Inner supply lines
  • Tilt measurement
  • PC200 frontcamera
    Front Camera
  • High-resolution CCD camera
  • High-powered lens/LED lighting
  • Big swivel range (200°)
  • Swivel movement / electr. focus
  • Pressurised
  • Profi-Version with 10x optical zoom
  • 4 Degrees of Freedom
    4 Degrees of Freedom
  • Robot arm upwards lifting and downwards lowering
  • Robot arm circles left and right
  • Forward and reverse movement
  • Pivoting the tool receptacle forward and backward
  • Power Cutter 200 robotic arm
    Robot Arm
  • 90° upwards lifting, 20° downwards lowering
  • Endless circles without stopper
  • Air motor / milling head swivels 15% over vertical axis
  • Sensor monitoring for pressure, moisture and arm angle