Power CUTTER 150

The profitable alternative

Despite the investment-friendly price, this milling robot has inherited many technical genes from its big brother Power Cutter 200 and can be operated with the same controller/hose package. No external supply lines on robot.

  • Sensor monitoring
  • Remote maintenance module
  • Speed control
  • Proportional control
  • 4 degrees of freedom
  • Integrated front camera

Downloads Power CUTTER 150

Feature Overview

Screw connections for strain release

Power Cutter 150 Camera
Robot Arm
  • Elevation/ raise movement of 3.15″
  • Endles circles without stopper
  • Air motor / milling head manually adjustable
  • Sensor monitoring for pressure and moisture
  • Air motor
    Unusually strong air motor
    PC150 Carriage
  • Streamlined design
  • Powerful carriage drive
  • Integrated hydraulic device to raise the arm
  • Inner supply lines
  • Tilt measurement
  • 4 Degrees of Freedom
    4 Degrees of Freedom
  • Robot arm upwards lifting and downwards lowering
  • Robot arm circles left and right
  • Forwards and reverse movement
  • Pivoting the tool receptacle manually forward and backward
  • Power Cutter 150 Camera
    Front Camera
  • High-resolution CCD camera
  • High-powered lens/LED lighting
  • Pressurised
  • Hose vehicle

    Air / Water Supply:

    • Robust tubular steel frame with rotary opening for air/water hose, manual winding.
    • Equipped with 328/656 ft. twin hose.