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XPECTION video nozzle for sewer jetting

The XPECTION wireless video nozzle takes municipalities, service companies and sewer network operators to the next level. A state-of-the-art product, it boosts productivity and reduces maintenance costs at the same time.

The system consists of a camera in High Definition (HD) quality which transmits the video signal wirelessly and can be modularly mounted onto various nozzles. This product was specifically developed for high-pressure sewer cleaning and enables both good cleaning performance and simple visual inspection in one single work step. Its robust design, made for the use under extreme conditions, its intuitive operability and the optimization that took place in cooperation with the customer result in a very user-friendly product. Application areas are diverse thanks to the available accessories.

Modular, wireless, portable and robust

XPECTION is modular. Our scalable system fits all budgets: from entry-level “download” configuration to sophisticated “live” configuration, from grenade nozzle to root cutting tool.

XPECTION is wireless. High definition video streams from the pipe to your tablet via extremely powerful WiFi.

XPECTION is portable.It can be installed on any cleaning truck without any set-up costs. The system fits into 2 wheeled cases and can be used by different trucks in any given fleet.

XPECTION is robust. All electronic components are battery powered, without switches and pressurized for water tightness.


  • XPECTION Flyer Download Set
  • XPECTION Flyer Live Set
  • XPECTION application report
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