Custom built CCTV Vans


Our custom build CCTV vans cover the entire range of any inspection task. We realize a full custom camera inspection vehicle. We do not offer you a choice of a limited number of “standard”vehicles, but we specifically design, built and arrange it for you. This enables us to fully meet your requirement and to respond optimally to your wishes and expectations. The ergonomic design of the multi-functional control panel DCX5000 is the apple of your eye of our custom-built vans equipped with the Rovion system.

No matter where your application area may be – you are optimally prepared for all inspection tasks: inspection of pipelines with a diameter of up to 2000mm and a length of 500 m, inspection of laterals by means of the satellite system or examination of boreholes up to 500m depth.

The application sets of our SewerVision TRUCK series are perfectly suitable for all users who need complete systems for vehicle equipment, for all big inspection companies who have extensive inspection requirements and for all communal applications.